Prof. Eur.Ing.  Maj.(r) Alp. EI Marino Valle 
Ing.P.Eur. Ing.EurEta I.P.F.(F) Eng.° Sénior(P)
Dott. Ing. Per.Ind. FABEI(I)





             Born in Trieste in 1949. Graduated in “Mechanical Engineering” in 1985 in UK and specialized in “Industrial Management” in 1988 at the "British Institute of Engineering Technology, Aldermaston College”, Aldermaston Court, Berkshire.

             Indipendent European Professional Engineer. Member of the Order of the Engineers of the Province of Trieste IT (Dott. Ing. n. A-2406), he is Chartered Engineer of The Engineering Council UK (CEng n. 80025348), Fellow of The Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK (FIMeche n. 531596), Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology UK (FIET n. 634440), Member of the Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels de France F (IPF n. 2112), Senior Effective Member of the Secção Regional da Madeira da Ordem dos Engenheiros PT (ENG°. n. 60116), European Engineer of The FEANI EEC (Eur.Ing. n. 26444) and Fellow and Member of other prestigious international professional bodies.

               Contract Professor at the University of Trieste, for 7 years teacher of "Planning and Organization of Territory", “Engineering of Territory, “Analisys and Management of Energetic ResourcesandLocalisation and Planning of Energetic Infrastructures, he introduced, in the degree course in "Policy of the Territory", methodologies that, considering organically the existing international, european and national analysis procedures of activities at risk of a major accident, would allow, in the case of territorial changes induced by transboundary activities at risk of a major accident, the analysis of the anthropic risk using  models  deterministic  instead probabilistic. Author of works about heating and fire-fighting systems and permit procedures, teacher of formative courses for civil servants, he is registered at The International Labour Office in Geneva as professional mechanical engineer. He is specialized in heating and air-conditioning systems, fire-fighting systems, evaluation and supervision of environmental impact and critical and acritical revision of projects for large-scale public works.

               Fire Safety Engineering international Consultant, qualified in Italy under Legislative Decree No. 81/2008 - Accident-prevention Statutory Law to operate in field of industrial accident-prevention and in field of fire, under Legislative Decree No. D.Lgs 139/2006 (Professional Fire Engineer registered at the Ministry of the Interior with n. TS 00389 P00001) and in Portugal, under Law No. 220/2008, to operate in field of SCIE (Segurança Contra Incêndio em Edifícios) for 3a and 4a category of hazard in buildings (registered at the Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil (ANPC) with n. 1017), in 1991 he was the first Fire Safety Engineering Expert at the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce.

               Legal Consultant and expert on heating and fire-fighting systems, he has played a central role in several sensitive judicial enquiries.

               Arbitrator and Conciliator at the Trieste Chamber of Commerce, he is expert in alternative dispute resolution in extra-judicial settlements.

               Professionally active for many years in sector of public tenders for heating systems management, engaged in the field of company organisation strategy with experience in “Facilities Management” and “Project Solving” under the recent “Global Process System”, he is expert in supervision and creation of economic synergies of scale and capacity for the best enhancement of human and technological resources as part of the co-ordination and rationalisation of management in advanced services, transforming rysk in opportunitiy.

               Chief Supervisor of the Trieste City Council Heating Service for two years, he supervised the management of more than 300 heating systems under Trieste City Council and oversaw the technological upgrading of the 50 most important heating stations of the Public Housing Authority in Trieste (ATER), taking particularly care of energy and fire and accidents safe.

               Head of the Technical Office of the Trieste branch of S.I.R.A.M. S.p.A. for 17 years, he was responsible for the design, construction, management, compliance, conversion and technological upgrading of heating systems serving community buildings, churches, hospitals, rest homes, schools, museums, sports facilities, shopping centres, public buildings and public housing.

            Perito Industriale for Thermotechnics, Member of The “College of the Periti Industriali and the Graduate Periti Industriali of the Province of Trieste” (Per.Ind. n. 389), since 1973 he was particularly active in sector of heating, air-conditioning and fire systems, as well as in sector of accidents safe and security, and, from 1975 to 1995, holding the office of Councillor of the College of Periti Industriali of the Province of Trieste and coordinator of various Provincial and National Specialized Commissions, he has actively promoted the role of the specialists working in these areas, carrying out a progressive career up to the most important levels in the engineering profession.


               Major (r) of the Italian Army Alpine Corps and Voluntary Officer of the Italian National Corps of Fire-fighters for 28 years, he has held the position of “Co-ordinator of the Civil Defence Volunteers of the Municipality of Trieste”, facing fire thematics with competence, experience and independence, suggesting and introducing original and resolutive arguments, that in dialectical confrontation for negotiations are often turned out to be decisive for the approval of projects and for the best success of works, getting appreciable results in the safe ethic field as anthropic safe consultant for the Italian National Corp of Fire-fighters syndacate, UIL-PA-VVF, analyzing various activities at risk of a major accident.